Auld Lang Syne


1) Created and inspired by young people - not just old reprints
2) Modern arrangements to suit the modern piano player
3) Simple progressions- most are two note chords
4) No big jumps - octave stretches a rarity!
5) No long stretches - ideal for small hands
6) Harmony is retained while maintaining simplicity
7) Rhythm is maintained
8) Two easy keys - C major and G major
9) No key signatures
10) Easy for guitar players who can recognise basic chords
11) Guide fingering without unnecessary clutter
12) Practice exercises based on carol arrangements included
13) Playable by amateurs and more advanced pianists
15) Two versions of some popular carols (English and American)
16) Every carol has the words edition on the facing page in clear type. this is photocopiable for use in schools, churches, hospitals, youth and other institutions.