Did you know that a lot of classical tunes are used in commercials, TV tunes and mobile phone ringtones?

Some examples are: Eric Satie, Johann Sebastian Bach, Beethoven.


Music to listen to:

Moonlight Sonata- Beethoven - First movement (Adagio) "Quasi Una Fantasia" - used by Alicia Keys!

"Fur Elise" - Beethoven.

"Claire de Lune" - Debussy. Suite Bergamasque.

Melody in F - Rubenstein.

Pathetique (Sonata in C minor)- Beethoven Opus 13. Adagio Cantabile.

Waltz in A flat -Brahms. Opus 39. No 15.

Liebestraum - Liszt. "A dream of love".

Traumerie - Schumann. Opus 15 No.7.